Our Approach

IVORY Solutions employees take our safety and quality programs seriously. We are compliant with regulatory-required training and standards. We also self implement a rigorous safety program across all operations and departments for the best and safest possible on-site work practices.

Exceeding Regulatory Requirements:

As a result, IVORY Solutions maintains a continuous dedication to excellence and Safety in this essential focus.

Safety First:

All of our employees undergo all necessary training that complies with local and federal safety requirements.  With a great safety record, we’ll meet your insurance and bonding criteria. This helps keep your costs in check.

Staying Compliant:

We maintain strict code and regulation compliance through our experienced supervision and daily safety meetings. Our personnel maintains a safe environment through continuing application of standard health and safety procedures, which comply with applicable provisions of OSHA regulations as well as applicable state laws. At least one supervisor for each site receives additional specialized training in hazardous waste supervision. All employees participate in regularly scheduled safety meetings.

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demolition contractor providing residential, industrial demolition and dismantling for manufacturing facilities, as well as specializing in precision demolition projects of all kinds. Ivory Solutions has consistantly proven ourselves by operating with a low incident safety record and a high on-time completion record. We take pride in working closely with developers, realtors, homeowners & construction firms. Ivory Solution contractors have complete all types of demolition projects

Including: Selective Demolition, Environmental Remediation, Strip Out, Controlled Demolition, Site Clearing Excavation, Critical Lift & Pick, Recycling & more.